The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the Centre of EUNAD’s operations, EUNAD will do nothing contrary to Divine or Godly Principles. We are therefore open to work with True and Genuine Preachers, True Christian Organisation and Groups, Genuine Churches which propagates the Gospel since their services represent the most important element and foundation of true development and life.

EUNAD will be ready to publish or upload important Gospel messages, events, programmes etc. everything must be screened before accepted. EUNAD is also engaged in promoting peace, dialogue respect of authorities and governments etc, We are strongly against terrorism, money laundry, embezzlement, misappropriations, indiscipline, laziness, falsehood and all forms of malpractices.

EUNAD believes that all the Conflicts of the World could be resolved through Reconciliation.

The Terrorist we see today were not Terrorists yesterday, The Rebels we see today were not Rebels yesterday, all other Malpractices we see today were not so yesterday, one of the Greatest problem in the world today besides sin is the fact that World Powers have decided not to listen to the powerless and their opinion, the opinion of the weak also counts. For the world to become peaceful and free of irrelevant conflicts, there is need for constant reconciliation. The fabrication of Sophisticated weapons by many world powers only shows how the hearts of human beings is growing wicked and wicked each day. If the same Nations who fabricates these weapons of war claims to hate killings then the weapons are fabricated for what. The World Leaders are confused, major world organisations are also confused, there is rise of world insecurity because the world leaders have failed to implement peaceful policies. Reconciliation is the greatest tool to be used to bring about peace amongst individuals and Nations. What are we fighting for, what do Nations need ? God Reconciled Man back to himself through His Son Jesus Christ and showed us the way of Peace. Long Lasting Conflicts could easily be resolved through Forgiveness and Reconciliation and the Greater Powers should take the first step to Humble themselves, National Pride is a very serious hindrance to peace and reconciliation, Nations should led go their Pride and save lifes that have been under captivity and bondage for so long.


EUNAD will be publishing articles on the subject of Peace and will be ready to give talks on peace and reconciliations in Conferences and Seminars.