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Unemployment is a great challenge to world leaders, creation of jobs is a very critical issue in the world today. Many Unemployed Graduates cannot meet up with life’s challenges. Unemployment is what has led to migrant crises beside wars and unrests.

Our earnest desire is to raise Job creators through sustainable entrepreneurship, professionalization, etc. We look forward to partner  with Job creators, employment Organisations, Companies, governements to seek for solutions to unemployments, many projects envisaged in African Countries will lead to enormous job creation. There is an earnest need to revolutionalise the training of youths to acquire skills that will meet up competitive push. Youths and Job Seekers should understand that the world has seriously evolved thus a job seeker must be highly qualified to meet up with available opportunities. Entrepreneurship is one of the pathway to youths and women employment, IT knowledge and skills, knowledge of available jobs and knowledge of small business creation.

EUNAD will partner with Job creators, we will receive available Jobs and advertise them on our highly visited website. All Job related issues and information will be welcomed by EUNAD to be made available to seekers.

Where and when necessary EUNAD will organize special Job related Seminars.