Our Major Objective is to create jobs, reduce youth unemployment and poverty while also doing business and carry out meaningful and result oriented business and social researchwith major focus on ICTs and Social Media.

EBNR is an ICT chain of small businesses with the main aim to market ICT Products and create awareness of innovations in the world of ICTs, EBNR will Carry out Consultancy and Continuous Market Research on the Use of ICTs and Social Media Effects on diverse variables linked to African Youths Progress Life Prospects. The research aspect will also focus on youths in the Rural Communities.

Our major focus is to assist Africa Youths explore Entrepreneurial and Business Opportunities in the Area of ICT Markets were Many Job Opportunities will be created.

EBNR will be open to work with ICT Companies in any area they deem necessary with major focus on the African Market Environment.

We are also acting as a platform to enable further training of youths in the area of ICTs and Social Media Research.

We believe this platform will create many jobs and empower many African Youths for a better future.

EBNR is open to partnerships and sponsorship from interested persons, organisations, Institutions , Governments and other stakeholders.

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