EUI Foundation

Vision Statement: Trust, Transparency,Sustainable and Relevant Outputs

This is a Special Foundation created to fill the gap and lapses of already existing structures whose results have not been satisfactory. EUI Foundation raise funds in Africa and other Continents to support the education, training and economic empowerment of disadvantaged persons such as the disabled, poor youths with no means to pursue education and education of underprivileged rural community children.

Although assistance is general, Priority will be given toCases from Rural Communities:

The disabled, Orphans, Rehabilitation ofStreet Children, Widows, Girl Child, Poor Youths, Unemployed Graduate and Rural Children. As the Means increase, this Foundation will go further to support or build classrooms and other study and training facilities where necessary and support rural teachers and trainers. The foundation will also be able to support youths to pursue a vocational or professional training as the case may be.

The foundation will also create a Multipurpose Centerwith ICTs, Multimedia Facility and a Research Centreon Youths and Women Related Challenges where results will be published on a yearly Magazine.

Partnerships to this Foundation is open to persons, organisations and institutions with a genuine source of income and passion. Donations from sources of terrorism, money laundry, prostitution, embezzlement, Theft, Drugs, unethical  sources, manipulative sources and other unauthorized and illegal sources will not be accepted. The foundation will reserve the right to publish sources wherever and whenever necessary and will publish its yearly financial statement to donors and other related stakeholders.

Many Foundations have come up and failed but this one is open to inputs from all Africans as Well wishers who wish to see us succeed in this Vision