Disruptive changes to business models will have a profound impact on the employment landscape over the coming years. Many of the major drivers of transformation currently affecting global industries are expected to have a significant impact on jobs, ranging from significant job creation to job displacement, and from heightened labour productivity to widening skills gaps. In many industries and countries, the most in-demand occupations or specialties did not exist 10 or even five years ago, and the pace of change is set to accelerate. By one popular estimate, 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. In such a rapidly evolving employment landscape, the ability to anticipate and prepare for future skills requirements, job content and the aggregate effect on employment is increasingly critical for businesses, governments and individuals in order to fully seize the opportunities presented by these trends—and to mitigate undesirable outcomes (WEF, 2016 Report).

AFRICA should thus not be taken unaware by the drastic Fourth Generation Shift and Job Mitigations.

It expedient to take issues related to Africa’s Development more seriously than it has ever been.

eunad-researchersExcellence Union Network for Africa’s Development (EUNAD) is an innovative vision to create  useful platforms as modern catalysts to precipitate the development of Africa. ICTs are doubtless at the heart of this modern developmental push thus our main focus on ICTs. This special United Networking Platforms will enable Africans of all works of Life, where ever they may be to contribute positively to Africa’s development by making available useful and relevant information to Africans, promotion of professionalization, expert consultancy deliveries, encouraging and participating in strategic project writing, development and implementation, funding sourcing, Small Business Creation & Entrepreneurship and other contributive ideas for Africa’s Development. The Greatest Problem in Africa today is that of Unemployed Young Graduates, Youths, Women and the less privileged whose unemployment has given rise to the migrant crises, EUNAD has come to bridge the gap. The contemporary unemployment is mainly cause by the type of educational set up and irrelevant skills gained by African population, poor orientations and poor parents’ ability to redirect their children. University Graduates, Youths, Women and the less privileged need to be empowered with relevant knowledge and skills more especially relevant ICT training with entrepreneurial and small business creation and sustainability skills. Africa also have very brilliant graduates but most of which do not know the way forward nor do have the available means to gain openings for further and relevant education. EUNAD has been created to bridge the gap and to act as a mediating body with Scholarships, Grant Organisations, University Bodies and Governments.  EUNAD will work and cooperated directly with all the stakeholders as the situation may arise. Agriculture is another area that needs a lot of training to empower the unemployed and underprivileged because it’s harnessing will drastically reduce unemployment. Many of those that already have certain relevant skills lack minimum start off capital or proper orientation and guidance; many more started off with no relevant training and thus failed. Africa has been the source of development inspirations in the past but she has remained underdeveloped and very poor. The time has come for Africans to face the Challenges of their Continent and seek for lasting solutions. Many African Organisations and Associations are existing but most of them are politically driven hence the common person is not reached more especially those in the rural areas. EUNAD Vision has come up so that Africans Worldwide can reason together and purposefully contribute their own ideas to the general benefit of all Africans .

Meritocracy and Excellence in all fields needs to be revived especially the Virtues of Honesty, Truth, Transparency, Genuine Leadership, Accountability, Peace, Good Ethical and Good Moral Practices. We will strongly discourage Harmful Practices and fight against Corruption, embezzlement, dishonesty, manipulations, Self Interest, Deceit and other ills.

EUNAD is the African Solution Platform of relevant information sharing to enable smooth access of useful information. We aim at encouraging Africans to freely share useful academic and business knowledge gained at all levels to fellow Africans at a Common Platform to precipitate the Development of the African Continent. Entrepreneurship, Technological Development and Scientific outreaches will be highly encouraged.

eunad-sharing informationMany Africans are willing and ready to share useful information, development knowledge and ideas but there is need for a common platform where potential success story examples of Africans could be giving the opportunity to challenge the seemingly discouraged increasing youthful and unemployed population that is eager and waiting for helpful opportunities. Once more the focus on ICTs is linked to the fact that ICTs are the major development oriented enablers in the Contemporary World and thus their usefulness could not be under estimated. For Africa to Emerge and eventually Develop, useful information sharing is the way forward and the key driver is ICTs because through ICTs Africans all over the Globe will be able to contribute their ideas. We are thus working to establish a functional and fruitful network of African enablers. The Youth must be encouraged to join the train of winning success stories of Africans hidden at the different corners of the world. These success stories will be brought to light by EUNAD. Africa must correct her historical errors and quickly close up the gap. This can only be achieved if there is a common platform created where useful ideas are shared and eventually encouraged to enable the developmental drive. Useful African Development Models will be welcome. The Critical Success Factors or the Contemporary Success Factors of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship in Africa must be identified and made known to Youths with Entrepreneurship desires and passion. Africa has Qualified and Competent Compatriots, a combined effort will bring the most awaited developmental story to become a reality. A lot has been done by researchers and business creative ideologists in Africa and the world but little has been implemented, many new ideas come up daily. eunad-visionYouths of Today need to be exposed to face the challenges incumbent. We will encourage synergy of converging similar ideas and developmental ventures for maximum results. Africa has enough resources to enable her develop. Africa’s Resources could be better invested in a coordinated manner to foster development rather that selfish gains that has hamper community, National and Continental Development.  Africa has enough funding ability for vibrant business and developmental ventures. EUNAD will also stand as a mediating platform to vital information sharing. Africa’s Agricultural potential is still dormant, this is an area not to be under estimated and EUNAD will bring to light this hidden treasure. In time past most African Strategic Development Projects have received serious setback and suffered failures but EUNAD is created to bridge the Gap. After much has been studied on African issues it is time to open a new page of progress. EUNAD is at the Heart of Africa’s Developmental Drive. It is time for Action and implementation, the African Night has Overdued. EUNAD is opened to positive and selfless involvement of other continents that are willing to contribute to Africa’s developmental vision.


Given the very fragile nature and congestion of employment and government opportunity gap narrowing up the pyramid, considering the inability of most African Governments to meet up and curve down the geometrically rising youth unemployment, considering the ever increase graduates send out by higher Institutions of learning yearly, after long observation of the very alarming and increasing nature of unemployed graduates and the uncoordinated effort of local skilled and unskilled sole proprietors and the need to encourage Academic and Professional Excellence, Icame up with an initiative to drastically reduce unemployment and to make useful information available at all times toUsers, Youths especially unemployed graduates and other job seekers and job creators, to encourage collaboration amongst unskilled and skilled Sole Proprietors, making available practical business creation locally, showing the importance of neo entrepreneurial mindset and creativity, also to guide good academic standing, exposing youths to available scholarships and good professional , technological and scientific solution oriented study opportunities and laying emphasis on the enabling indispensability of Information and Communication Technologies in Modern Progressive Developmental Drives. All this is Achieved through write ups published in the network channels, Debates Reports, Essay writing Competitions. Talent Search Programmes, Constant Seminars, Conferences and research Surveys. I am a permanent Radio and TV Speaker passing out useful information to achieve my goals and objectives of reducing unemployment by showing youths the new trend of solution seeking and problem solving approaches to life. Being a member of many diaspora development and academic fora,  I used my strong diaspora networking and Links haven been established for more than 10 years today.

To make this possible I created an Umbrella Organisation named :



This sub body is responsible for academic excellence related issues and every issues linked to academic and professionalism


This is a Contemporary Initiative to train, guide, connect and expose youths especially African Youths to innovative inspirations and tailor them towards becoming self-reliant and  impact focused leaders.

This sub body focuses on innovation driven aspects and neo leadership training pathway given the fact that bad governance, poor government policies and unwillingness to accept positive change most long established systems. We drill youths and expose them to new mindsets of innovation and the need to come up with new models of African Solution leadership style.

Youths are also made to understand the need to develop the leadership abilities in them and the urgent need for them to be ready to assume key leadership positions thus the need for in-depth training and personal developmental quest to excel in leadership demands and challenges.


  • MIGA

This is an initiative to establish a multidisciplinary financial institution that will eventually help as a receiver and distributor of all funds destined for youth promotional programmes and projects.



This sub body laid more emphasis on modern Entrepreneurship Patterns and Networking for wider exposure and expansion platforms. Here all issues related to entrepreneurship as one of the most reliable gateway of unemployment reduction and creation of many employment opportunities are looked into through the respective methods mentioned above


EUNAD had an Official Recognition and Encouragement from the Minister of Higher Education in Cameroon encouraging us to move ahead with our initiatives because it is yielding tangible results.

We realized individuals where focusing on their own strength and knowledge whereas grouping and encouraging and revamping talents leads to greater results thus the new way of laying constant  emphasis on the above mentioned issues to combat modern unemployment of youths especially unemployed graduates.

The above activities are very costly especially moving at the different sectors and locations e.g. rural communities where most unemployed graduates return to after graduation.  We carry out our activities in collaboration with experts in specialized areas especially agribusiness, ICTs and Fashion designs and quick turn over vocational programmes  and trainers.